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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Mediation

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Going through a divorce can be a stressful, time-consuming, and costly prospect. The frustration and helplessness can be exhausting – but it does not have to be this way. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that the decision-making power stays firmly in your hands, rather than turning to a judge to exercise power over your life. Our team is passionate about empowering clients with the knowledge and insight they need to make the decisions that are right for them.

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1. You Get to Be in Control

The mediation process works on your schedule, not the other way around. You do not have to rely on the courts to determine the outcome of timeline of your divorce. With assistance from our trained attorney-mediators, you and your spouse can build a tailor-made plan on your own terms.

2. It Is Tailored to Your Needs

In our experience, trying to fit a “square peg into a round hole” just creates more work and frustration for everyone. Instead, we will help you to determine the kind of agreement that best suits your needs. Our team works closely with you and your advisers, such as financial planners, therapists, and accountants, to help you build an agreement that is right for you. This way, your future is in your hands, rather than that of a judge who has only a limited view of your needs.

3. It Is Better for You Emotionally

Choosing mediation means you are both seeking out a cooperative, amicable solution. Our team of mediators are trained to help guide the discussions to ensure they are as productive and respectful as possible. By handling these situations constructively, you can feel more at ease about the challenges you face.

4. There Is No Need for a Power Struggle

Mediation puts both parties on a level playing field. With guidance from a member of our team, each individual is able to make their voices heard and make educated decisions for their future. Because all parties have access to the same information at the same time, the power imbalance that can occur in litigation is not present.

5. It Can Be Less Stressful

When two individuals are able to work together, have an open dialogue, and come to a collaborative solution, the process is less draining on everyone. The divorce horror stories you’ve heard about or seen in movies are not the only way! Minimizing stress during this situation allows you to channel your energy into the other changes your life is undergoing.

6. You Aren’t Alone

If you find yourself needing more support during the mediation process, we have a broad network of experts to help you handle anything life may throw at you. From counselors and child experts to estate planners, real estate agents, and financial advisers, you have a full support system on your side.

7. It Is a Private Process

Throughout the mediation process, we work to remind our clients that while the past cannot be changed, we can set them up for a positive future. Because of the collaborative nature of mediation, there is no need to attack the other person’s reputation or air dirty laundry. Instead, you are both working together for a common goal. Additionally, mediation is a confidential process, meaning that anything said in the room, stays there.

8. It Can Protect Your Children

When children are used as a pawn during divorce proceedings, it can be extremely damaging to them and to their relationship with each parent. If you and your spouse develop a parenting plan together, you are able to demonstrate to your child that you are willing and able to work together to do what is best for them. We also offer the option of working alongside a parenting coach to can help assemble the parenting plan that works best for your family. This allows the family to remain as whole as possible, without any intrusive court evaluations.

9. It Will Save You Time

With mediation, you have the freedom to decide together how long the process will take. This timeline will depend on how long it takes to get paperwork filled out, as well as your ability to work together during mediation sessions. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we could have your case settled in as little as one month, though California statutory timelines will still be in effect. Traditionally litigated divorces can take months or even years to settle.

10. It Will Save You Money

Our team charges a flat, one-time fee for all of your mediation services. This fee includes all filing fees, court costs, paperwork preparation, communication with the team, and all mediation appointments. It is our goal to help mitigate any uncertainty you may be feeling by giving you concrete expectations from the very start.

Why Choose Alternative Divorce Solutions?

  • Affordable

    During an emotional time in your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pocketbook. Our one-time flat fee includes all costs associated with the mediation process.

  • Responsible

    We focus on non-intrusive solutions and minimize court involvement. This keeps the entire divorce process more confidential and less stressful for everyone involved.

  • Sensible

    We help you resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, or child custody and support in a peaceful and respectful way.

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