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Summary Dissolution Attorneys in Carlsbad

Helping Short-Term Marriages Come to an Amicable Conclusion

Marriages begin with the hope that they will last – divorce is often the last thing on a couple’s mind. Unfortunately, for a wide variety of reasons, it may become quickly apparent that the marriage is not going to last. In these cases, summary dissolution may be an efficient answer. This process is a good solution for short-term marriages with limited assets or debts and few issues to discuss. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, our skilled divorce mediation lawyers in Carlsbad can help couples determine if they qualify for summary dissolutions and whether it might be the right choice for their needs.

Advantages of Choosing Summary Dissolution

The stressful and time-consuming nature of divorce is hardly a secret. Particularly when litigation is involved, it can take a great deal of time, energy, and resources to see a divorce through to its conclusion. This is why in the state of California there exists a simpler, more streamlined form of divorce referred to as a summary dissolution. This is an option that is generally less stressful, takes less time, costs less than a traditional divorce, and generally is easier on all parties involved. However, couples will need to meet several requirements to qualify.

To file for summary dissolution, couples must meet all the following requirements:

  • There are no minor children involved in the separation
  • Either spouse has been in the state of California for at least six months
  • The marriage lasted for no more than five years
  • Neither spouse owns real estate
  • Both parties want the marriage to end
  • Both spouses are willing to give up their right to alimony
  • Both spouses have no more than $38,000 in community property

Let Our Divorce Mediators in Carlsbad Help

If you believe you may qualify for summary dissolution, our team at Alternative Divorce Solutions can help to examine your situation and outline your options.

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