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Alimony Attorneys in Carlsbad

Ensuring All Parties Have the Help They Need

As an aspect of the final divorce settlement, courts may require a higher-income spouse to assist a lower-income spouse with their expenses and maintaining the quality of life they enjoyed during the marriage. Alimony, or spousal support, can be paid in lump-sum or monthly payments, and are most often temporary but may be permanent in rare instances.

As you can imagine, alimony can be a contentious part of any divorce, and is a frequent cause of displeasure or resentment in regards to the final agreement. Before taking your case to court, we strongly encourage everyone to allow our Carlsbad alimony mediation lawyers to look over your case. Our team at Alternative Divorce Solutions has helped countless couples find a compromise that is mutually beneficial and helps to reduce the anger and frustration that may come about during these complex matters.

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Calculating Alimony Payments in California

Alimony is not needed or called for in all cases. When it is awarded to one party, however, the amount and the duration will depend on several factors relating to both individuals and the marriage itself. Additionally, these awards can be altered down the line by petitioning the court if circumstances for either party change.

Just a few of the factors the court will consider include:

  • The marketable skills, job market, and overall employment prospects of the spouse seeking support
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the other during the marriage
  • The spouse’s ability to support the recipient
  • The recipient’s needs based on their standard of living established during the marriage
  • The duration of the marriage
  • A documented history of domestic violence

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Our team of highly skilled Carlsbad spousal support lawyers have the training in both mediation and divorce law necessary to help clients reach an agreement that works well for everyone. Bear in mind that alimony awards are considered separate from child support – the only overlap occurs if the spouse may be unable to afford both awards and they must be altered.

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